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Unraveling Stress: What's it really doing to my hair?!

As the leaves in Lincoln Square don their golden hues and we cozy up for the chillier days ahead, November brings with it a gentle reminder: it’s Stress Awareness Month. While the forthcoming holidays promise merriment and cheer, they can also bring a bundle of stress—impacting not just our peace of mind but the very crown we wear: our hair. At DNW Luxe Hair Studio, we believe in nurturing your tresses through every season, and this November, we're delving deep into stress and its sneaky ways of affecting your hair and scalp health.


The Stress Mane-ifesto: Stress is a crafty adversary, often leaving its mark in places we least expect—like our hair. Here are three ways stress can play the grinch with your hair health during the holiday season:

🚨 3 Reasons Why Stress Is the Unwanted Guest for Your Hair 🚨

  1. Cortisol Overload: Stress cranks up your body's production of cortisol, aka "the stress hormone." Elevated cortisol can throw off your hair's natural growth cycle. We're talking interrupting growth phases, speeding up the shedding—total chaos!

  2. Nutrient Hijack: When you're stressed, your body is like, "Emergency mode: ON!" It redirects nutrients to vital organs, leaving your hair high and dry. Without essential vitamins and minerals, your hair can't grow long and strong.

  3. Blood Flow Slow-Down: Stress tightens up your vessels, affecting blood circulation. Your hair follicles need that blood supply for nutrients and oxygen. Without it, they're like plants without water—wilt city!

The Stress-Hair Connection: Stress doesn't just put a damper on our holiday spirit; it can also take a toll on our hair health in not-so-merry ways:

  • Hair Color: Stress hormones can cause your color to fade faster than your favorite holiday song playing on repeat. They can also make hair more porous, which means color may not take as evenly as we’d like.

  • Scalp Health: Like a winter storm, stress can leave your scalp feeling dry and flaky, disrupting the delicate ecosystem up top and leading to an uncomfortable season for your scalp.

  • Hair Loss: Elevated stress levels can send hair follicles into a resting phase, meaning new hairs aren’t growing, and it might even lead to more hair saying "goodbye" when you brush or wash.

☀️ Morning Reset Routine ☀️

  1. Deep Breathing: Before you even get out of bed, take 5 deep, belly-expanding breaths. Hold each for 5 seconds and release. This sends a message to your brain saying, "Hey, chill out, the day's gonna be fine!"

  2. Mindful Coffee Sipping: You're a woman about town with places to be, but take a moment to really enjoy your morning coffee. Smell it, taste it, feel it. Make this moment a mini-meditation.

  3. Power Pose: Stand tall, hands on hips, channel your inner Wonder Woman for just two minutes. This boosts your confidence and lowers cortisol. No joke, science backs this up!

🌙 Nighttime Wind-Down 🌙

  1. Journaling: Take 5 minutes to jot down your day's highs and lows. Dumping your thoughts onto paper means less tossing and turning. But actually write it down. Don't continue your screen time.

  2. Skincare as Scalp-Care: Your clients know that good things take time and effort. Treat your nightly scalp care routine during your skin care routine. Take time to permit a little scalp massage, brush your hair, and apply a scalp serum to help nourish weakened follicles. It's not just good for your skin; it's a moment of "you-time".

  3. Tech Timeout: Screen light messes with your sleep hormones. Put the phone down at least 30 minutes before bed and dive into a good book or some calming music instead

Top Recommendations for your Challenges:

For Color Fade


Dry Tight Skin

Gemstone Pre Shampoo

Try a Scalp Detox/Dry Brush

Exfoliate/Avoid Hot Showers

Book a "Gloss"

Scalp Serum

Oil Treatments for skin

UV Thermal Protection

Limit Heat and Tension

Cream Detanglers

This holiday season, let’s make a pact to keep stress at bay and our hair in play. Remember, at DNW Luxe Hair Studio, we're more than just stylists; we're your personal haircare consultants, eager to guide you through the season with your best strand forward. Let's celebrate Stress Awareness Month not just by acknowledging stress but by actively defending against it. After all, your hair is your tiara, and you deserve to shine!

Ready to winter-proof your hair? Visit us in the heart of Lincoln Square, where every appointment is a step toward stress-free, fabulous locks. And while you’re at it, join the conversation—tell us your favorite stress-busting ritual or R+Co product experience in the comments below! Or better yet, reach out with questions about your routine!

What's Your Challenge?

  • Hair Loss

  • Scalp Congestion

  • Dry Itchy Scalp

  • Color Fade

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