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Consider a fulfilling career

with highly motivated individuals like yourself.

The Mission

DNW Luxe Hair salon opens its doors to anyone seeking an indulgent, stress-less oasis conveniently settled inside the bustling cityscape. We want to employ individuals passionate about the guest experience, which we believe begins before stepping foot in the salon space. By strategically pairing a guests needs to staff expertise, we strive to exceed expectations by developing the relationship between guest and talent cultivated only through mutual respect, continued education, open communication, and personal accountability on every level. We hope that these core values allow guests and staff to explore a growing confidence within and outside their comfort zone in a manner that allows everyone to see their true potential beyond just doing hair.

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New Talent &Experienced Stylists

My Philosophy

DNW Luxe Hair Salon exists to remind neighbors of Chicago’s north side that luxury haircare services can be inviting, unpretentious, and trust centered.  We strive to provide the most sought after trends in haircare including structured haircuts, lived-in color, and extensions using exceptionally innovative and sustainable practices. We present the most unparalleled, and simplified guest experience through our trusted team of highly trained and energetic stylists who are as unique and multifaceted as our beloved community.

Apprentiship to Stylist

*DNW Luxe Hair is developed a 12 week, deep dive, onboarding process to get you behind the chair working with guests with confidence, profitibility, and support.  I am here with you post graduation all the way! Hover below to discover more about these great opportunities! 

Hair Stylist


...the ability to act or change without constraint or to possess the power and resources to fulfill one's purposes unhindered.

-Control your books

-Access to client information

-No double booking

-No "request off" forms

-Offer services you're passionate about.

-Open door policies

-Contract free

-Unlimited time off for family or special activities

Woman Hair Stylist


...fairness and justice: recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances.

-Double booking not required

-Education fund for classes OF YOUR CHOICE AND SKILLSET

-No product fees

-Across the board, equitable commission scale

-Ability to earn price increases more than once a year

-Regular price increases in accordance to demand.

Hair Salon Hairdresser


..the acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions. It implies a willingness to be transparent, allowing others to observe and evaluate one's performance.

-Quarterly meetings centered around growth collaboration

-Clear expectations set for all staff duties and responsibilites

-Education directed towards attracting your own dream clients.

-Personal affiliate link to sell product both actively and passively. 

Happy Hairdresser


...clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity. the state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye; 

-Digital access to personal benchmarks

-Defined parameters around pay scale. No product fees.

-Concise and consistent communication and access to leadership

-Digital handbook for reference

-Contract Free!!! 

-Team Collaborations encouraged

Are you ready to come on board?

Modern Chicago Skyline

Need help locating the right salon for you?

*The city of Chicago is a big space with so much opportunity.  We just want to help you find the right place, and waste little time doing so, Download our free guide!!

Hair Cut

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We are a growing micro salon with dreams of sharing some incredible industry knowledge. Get in on ground level today. Be sure to have your license information handy! Can't wait to meet you!  

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