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Your experience matters...

As a busy entrepreneur living in a bustling cityscape, finding a stylist who can work with your available time, amidst the delightful "seasonal challenges" associated with midwest urban life, to be really difficult!  Just calling a salon nowadays: it can be a nightmare listening to 5 minutes of open hours for each location before talking to a person. It became important that I offer a salon environment that understands your busy lifestyle and why you might need an emergency set of earbuds for the 2pm meeting that was supposed to be next Friday! Or better yet: a cocktail following said meeting all while getting your highlights done.  I get it. 


It is time to ditch the stuffy upscale experience that expects you to always be on point with super powers to boot.  At DNW Luxe Hair, be yourself: busy, trying your best, showing up in yoga pants, and still deserving of a cocktail and hand massage.  I know all too well how easy it is to feel drowned in snow, cold, obligations, kids, partners, and work 12 months of the year.  Making time to relax and rejuvenate has become paramount to my city experience and busy adult life.  I've designed my salon experience in a manner that will help you acheieve that work/life balance.  Abandon the wild goose chase of trying to find a salon that will help you help yourself beyond the chair. So go ahead and connect to wifi while sipping your chardonnay! I won't rat you out. 

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Service beyond a smile

My passion for the service industry runs almost 30 years deep ranging from restaurants to retail and while most stylists can provide an exceptional first visit, the consistency almost always fails as you stretch the timeline.  I see myself differently.  I combine a real love of personal service with the convenience of technology to get to know you before you even step foot in the salon. I'll continue the trend throughout the year to provide a few new lessons along the way so you can worry less about your look and get back to what matters in your day to day life saving both time and money.  

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The real city girl...

 When I am not in the salon, you'll find me enjoying the playpen like the rest of Chicago in the summer and discovering hidden neighborhood gems unique to the area to warmup in the winter.  My guests are the best resource for what's hot in the city and I am always fearless of a new suggestion.  I know all the best tricks to save your hair between the gym and work while keeping city smudge off your shoulders.  We are all way too busy these days and it is my privilege to offer the most luxurious hair that exceeds your expectation while respecting both your time and bottom line. So if you are thinking of investing in a little magic, come by and share your story.  I look forward to meeting you!  Please click below to learn more about booking your first experience with me.


Please view the space,, guest comforts, and smiles! 

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