Dana Nicole Wexler


2232 W. Lawrence Ave.
Suite #105 
Chicago, il 60614


Allow me to introduce myself:

Hi there, ladies! Pull up a seat and grab some tea, because I have a story to tell about failed goals, foraging passions, and a little about me. My name is Dana, by the way, and in case it’s not obvious I am your final hairstylist.

     I have been in this industry for over 15 years, but believe it or not, this was NOT the career I set out to have. In my head, I was destined to become the next Indiana Jones. Yea, laugh it up. After graduating from Indiana University with two degrees and an art administration job lined up, my goal was to dig up lost global relics using my intellect and wit. I say it was a goal because it was a lofty goal.... it just wasn’t my passion. My secret passion was theatre.

     You see, in theatre there are two kinds of people. There are your story tellers (actors, writers, and directors) and then there are your magic makers (special effects coordinators, stage managers, hair/makeup artists). I am, in the core of my being, a magic maker. I gave the actors the courage and confidence they needed to tell their story for the night. So it wasn’t long after a failed career in the museum industry that I fell from the top of a lofty goal and into my passion. AND, I still get to bring my intellect and wit to the table everyday.

     I am completely dedicated to my craft because when you do what you love, nothing can stop you. I’ve invested some of my best time and money working with a few of the most elite educators I have had the opportunity to network with over the years. With their guidance and help I was provided the confidence to open my own studio as of 2019.  The guests in my chair are some of the most inspiring people and friends I know. We have shared travel stories, recipes, family history, books, and I’ve been known to break the rules on discussing current events. If it’s relevant to you it’s relevant to me. A day spent with me is never boring as we navigate through your needs. With my expertise I am able to provide an honest opinion, suggestions for change, and a little magic. Look, we’re all a little busier these days, and it’s my privilege to offer the most luxurious hair that exceeds your expectation while respecting both your time and bottom line. So if your thinking of investing in a little magic, come by and share your story! I look forward to meeting you soon! 

XoXo!!! Dana 


Dana is THE BEST hairdresser I have ever met. I have curly hair with a lot of volume that is difficult to cut/style. But Dana does her magic and she knows what she is doing. She starts her consultation by taking the time to listen to you and she explains why she does everything throughout the process. I didn't know there was a scientific way to cut hair until I met her. If you have curly hair look no further!

-Leen A. 

This was the first salon I went to when I moved to Chicago and got my hair done by Dana. It's been 3 years and I keep seeing Dana as she is literally the best hairdresser I've ever had. 2 of my friends also started seeing her and say that she cut the hair like no one else. The location is also very convenient, heart of Lincoln park and Armitage stop not far as well. The staff is very helpful and friendly. But definitely go and see Dana! She is the best!

-Katerina P. 

Dana is the best!!  I've been going to her for about 2 years at the recommendation of a friend since I was new to the city and wasn't impressed with my current stylist or salon.   I wouldn't trust anyone but Dana with my hair.  She takes the time to listen to what you like and don't like about your current style.  She is honest and won't just give you a hair cut or color without letting you know how hard it is to maintain or, in the case of color, if it will work with my skin tone.  This is super important for me because I don't want or have time to spend hours every morning on my hair.  She also works with your texture and gives you ideas on how to take advantage of your natural hair texture (wavy in my case).  My hair hasn't been healthier or looked better!  I wouldn't trust anyone other than Dana with my hair!!

-Maria M.

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