The Suite Experience

Have you ever experienced the anxiety over booking an appointment at a large city salon? 

I can never seem to budget time or money.  My appointment always seems to run over no matter what.

I always wonder if I booked enough.  Do I need a toner or a gloss? How am I supposed to know. I don't even know the difference between the two.

How many people really understand my hair? There is someone shampooing, my color, my haircut, my blow dry... they never seem to communicate. 

I absolutely hate waiting on the phone to book an appointment. I know what I need, just show me all the availability online so I can book at 11pm.

 Salon suites are privately owned and operated usually by the service provider.  The micro salon experience is unique in that your service is provided on a semi private level between you and the stylist offering you the best of their attention.  The time is spent avoiding the chaos and noise of a busy lobby, waiting area, while being serviced by more than one assistant. Enjoy the one on one attention, music in the background, and meaningful conversation that encourages trust when comitting to change.  

Booking your First Experience


Fill out the digital consultation form to the best of your ability.  the form will guide you towards the right appointment. Your time will include color (if applicable), cut, treatment, and a finish as well as some home care and styling suggestions.


Once the form is received, WAIT to receive a confirmation email. Check your junk mail.  This email with either confirm, deny, or request more information concerning the overall goals you have outlined in your digital consultation. 


Once we have narrowed down your appointment and CONFIRMED your request, you will be sent your intake form and booking link.  All appointments are located under NEW GUEST BOOKING PACKAGES on Vagaro.


The Ultimate Crop

For the sassy short pixie and crop above the ear. 


-Built in consultation time.

-Luxe Scalp exfoliation

-Personalized precision haircut

-Styling session and post-visit product perscription




The Signature Silver

This package option is excellent for the client looking to maintain their grey coverage with a more multi dimensional effect. Includes BOTH a grey coverage AND a multi faceted highlight. For the seasoned client looking to visit every 8-10 weeks.



-Built in consultation

-A face frame lived in highlight WITH complete grey coverage

-8-10 week maintence schedule

-Shine/Tone treatment

-Luxe Haircut experience 


3-3.5 hrs



The Luxe Haircut

For mid length to long layered haircuts falling below the ear.  *EXTRA TIME option available for thick and long hair falling below back.  


-Built in consultation

-Luxe Lather experience and nourishing vitamin ampoule for hair health

-Personalized precision haircut

-Styling session and post visit product prescription.




The Gold Standard

My most requested and popular service.  Perfect for the ultimate in lived-in, multi dimensional color experience.  The "gold standard" for a considerable change, highlight maintenance and high contrast coloring with a 10-12 week maintenance schedule.


-Built in consultation

-Thorough highlight experience covering all visible areas leaving behind strategic areas of depth and contrast

-12-16 week maintence schedule

-Shine/Tone Treatment

-Luxe Haircut experience


3.5-3.75 hrs



The Brass Tax

For the client looking for the most minimal color maintence on an 6-8 week color schedule.  Great for first time highlight client or first time grey coverage client experiencing a hesitation towards too much change.


-Built in consultation

-A face frame highlight OR a Demi permanent grey balance

-Color gloss/toner

-10-12 week maintence schedule

-Luxe Haircut experience

2.5 hr



The Platinium Package

If you currently have color and are looking for an extreme makeover, or require a blonding experience to the max. 

*Consultations and in person strand tests may be required whereupon processes, multiple visits, budget, and home care are the focus of your gorgeous new hair.


-Built in consultation

-Complimentary strand test

-Thorough discussion concerning processes and maintenance.

-6-8 week mini to max maintenance schedule

-Shine/Tone treatment

-Luxe Haircut experience


4-5 hours.