Give Thanks and Get Thanks:

Right now more than ever we are all clinging to those we love and those who inspire, those who rise and those who need help the most.  Let them know you're there even if you can't be.  Gift certificates are now available in $25 increments to give to your friend the nurse, your child's teacher, your barista, or your sister. Pay it forward from my heart to yours. GIVE A GIFT, GET A GIFT....



Buy 2 Get $15 

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Book A StyleLab

Bored yet with another night out in the bar with your friends? Looking for a fun new event? Why not host a few friends for at your own "GLOW UP PARTY."  Bring what you love about your home care to your friends and let's talk about at home "how to's", drink wine, munch appetizers, and learn new tricks. Become the expert after a one on one chat with a hairdresser you trust for an hour of laughs at no cost to you. Plan a lab for friends you haven't seen in awhile, for a batchelorette party, or a group care holiday night together. Curious yet? Contact me for more information and available booking times

Sandalwood Conditioning Treatment

Summer is close. Protect and refresh your color with an apple cider vinegar rinse, designed to reduce mineral build up. Follow up R+Co Color Concentrate to replinish hair from winter damage for up to 4 weeks and retain your color vibrancy for an additional 23 washes. Relax with a refreshing summer wine spritzer, and sandalwood infused hand treatment designed to ground you back to earth. A great package either before or after vacation season! (book as an add on to any service. Not sold separately. Valued at $35)


Gold Floral Infusion

This treatment serves up your choice of red or white wine, rich scalp treatment infused with a CBD INFUSED lavender scalp scrub designed to decrease winter skin inflamation created by the dry cold weather. Relax and enjoy a 24karat gold eye mask while receiving a floral hand and arm massage. Finish the treatment with the Fusion Glass Shine Treatment to increase shine and eliminate frizz for up to 15 shampoos. (book as an add on to any service. Not sold separately. Valued at $45)


Share with your friends!!!

Please feel free to share me with friends who have missed out on loving their look and their hair! Shout it out on Instagram or Facebook and send them in! If they name drop your awesomeness you and your pal will receive $20 off a service. Thank you from yours truly! XOXO 

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