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Share the kindness this holiday.

*Bring in a donation to a refugee today and receive a deep conditioning treatment on me! 

Poor Kids Laughing


Bring an item...

Socks, children's clothing, yoga mats, toiletries, non perishables, blankets, old coats, gloves, winter hats....

There are too many families facing a Chicago winter without as refugees flood the city. And tent cities won't be enough.

Wet Hair

And receive...

A moment of self care...

Sharing really is caring.  I will drop off your donation for you. and in turn you will receive a moment of self care and a deep conditioning treatment.  It's a small token of gratitude for sharing what you can for those in need. 

Gift Wrapped

A huge show of gratitude

It really is the season...

We are all in need of a little community gratitude.  I think this year has been emotionally hard on all of us.  #burnout was real.  It doesn't matter what your core beliefs are to give and receive.  Let's cheer each other up.

Value: priceless


Titanium Treatments

For a limited time only! Book a scalp treatment with ANY SERVICE and receive a full sized R+CO mask to correspond with your home care routine, creating a long term plan for hair health with a professional stylists opinion. Comes with a mini facial, soothing aloe eye patches, a cocktail from the menu, and a hot hand treatment to soften cracked dry cuticles and hands.


Choose one of the following:


*Smoothing Shield

*Scalp Soother

*UV Color Shield

*Root Booster

*Glass Treatment



"Suite" Rewards

Earn $ towards appointments for sharing your experiences! 

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