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Book A Style Lab

Be a host to a few friends for a style lab to talk at home "how to's", drink wine, munch appetizers, and learn new tricks. Become the expert after a one on one chat with a hairdresser you trust for an hour of laughs at no cost to you. Plan a lab for friends you haven't seen in awhile, for a batchelorette party, or a group care holiday night together. Curious yet? Contact me for more information and available booking times

Pepprmint Package

Come in to enjoy a Bailey's  salted caramel hot cocoa. Relax and replace your gloshes with warm slippers. Cozy down to experience a peppermint exfoliating scalp scrub and perscribed conditioning  mask with a wintermint laced aroma to usher in the holiday season. (book as an add on to any service. Not sold separately. Valued at $35)


Pumpkin Enzyme Package

This treatment serves up a warm hot toddy with all the cinnamon you can get. Exfoliate tired winter hands with a cinnamon hand mask  gloves to hydrate and rejuvenate rough skin and cuticles. Finally, I will prescribe an enzyme shine treatment for all the winter color protection needed for the winter months. (book as an add on to any service. Not sold separately. Valued at $45)


Share with your friends!!!

Please feel free to share me with friends who have missed out on loving their look and their hair! Shout it out on Instagram or Facebook and send them in! If they name drop your awesomeness you and your pal will receive 20% off a service. Thank you from yours truly! XOXO