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Hair Color Palette

The Process & Program

At DNW Luxe Hair Studio, we're not just creating trendsetting styles, we're crafting careers that shine as bright as our clients' hair! We're on the hunt for stylists who are bursting with enthusiasm, self-driven to excel, tech-savvy to stay ahead of the curve, and people-oriented to connect with our discerning clientele.


Imagine working in a chic, modern salon nestled in the heart of Lincoln Square, where professional women come to transform their look into something truly enviable. Our reputation? Solid gold. The experience? Pure luxury. The vibe? Consistent, non-competitive, and professional: where hairstyles are your masterpieces, and every day is a chance to outdo yourself.

Job Interview


The Interview Process

Phone introduction

Coffee Meet-Up!

Schedule a Follow!

*If you have never scheduled a follow before, be sure to prepare and download our free guide to researching your next salon!



All new hires will go through an onboarding process that can take up to 6-9 months occurring in 3 phases. Each phase will require model procurement, practice, homework, and a test out.   

-12 week onboarding/Business Development

-Hair color Theory/Placement

-HSM Certification

-Extension Training (optional)



Tablet with Stylus

Monthly Check-ins

These are mandatory meetings to discuss your personal development, your needs, your goals, and of course your training and test out results.  This is a two way conversation so come prepared with your monthly survey completed. Of course this is also where I welcome your training feedback! We're always looking to grow at DNW LUXE HAIR, and the help of our staff is paramount! 


Community & Apps

Every salon member is invited to join the private connection Facebook community where weekly salon updates, co-worker help, and challenges are addressed and delegated.  All employees also receive their own salon app with personalized digital forms, affiliate links, and built in digital continuing education access designed to enhance your work experience and get you to that next level!

Freelancer Working from Home
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