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DNW Luxe Hair

I've done the toxic salon thing.... The double booking thing, 8 hour days without a bathroom break thing, services I hated doing, and bi weekly algebra to figure out how the hell my pay was calculated.  I get it and I see you!  If you are looking to get in on a ground breaking level with a passionate, open minded, community focused, engaged micro salon looking to truly grow: there has never been a better opportunity.  Become a CO-CONSPIRATOR and work collaboratively with peers just like you without the pain of owning a suite.  

Plus Size Models
Plus Size Models


DNW Luxe Hair salon opens its doors to anyone seeking an indulgent, stress-less oasis conveniently settled inside the bustling cityscape. We want to employ individuals passionate about the guest experience, which we believe begins before stepping foot in the salon space. By strategically pairing a guests needs to staff expertise, we strive to exceed expectations by developing the relationship between guest and talent cultivated only through mutual respect, continued education, open communication, and personal accountability on every level. We hope that these core values allow guests and staff to explore a growing confidence within and outside their comfort zone in a manner that allows everyone to see their true potential beyond just doing hair.

At DNW Luxe Hair I strive to offer the best of both worlds where autonomy meets hassle free employment with truly heartfelt leadership.  Here you will have access to:


-Freedom and flexibility to control your own books


-Offer only the services you want to offer

-An education fund and access to matched education that YOU choose

-Equitable commission scale preventing competition between peers

-Ability to earn price increases more than once annually never limiting your capacity to earn

-Hassle free booking and check out systems controlled by you, because we are front desk free!

-Quarterly meetings where you can collaborate on salon upgrades and track progress

-Open door policy to work in multiple places

-Business education to help you market to your dream clientele

-A completely digital experience allowing more time to focus on your craft

-Commission on product sold through your own personal affiliate R+Co link

-No product fees or contracts that keep you financially hostage to the work!


DNW Luxe Hair Salon exists to remind neighbors of Chicago’s north side that luxury haircare services can be inviting, unpretentious, and trust centered.  We strive to provide the most sought after trends in haircare including structured haircuts, lived-in color, and extensions using exceptionally innovative and sustainable practices. We present the most unparalleled, and simplified guest experience through our trusted team of highly trained and energetic stylists who are as unique and multifaceted as our beloved community.

Core Values

Let's Change the Facts:

-Did you know that 1:5 stylists leave the industry in the first 5 years?

-The hair industry will grow almost 20% in the next decade

-The average household income is $31,300... the average income of a stylist is $19,500 


-It's a common cycle of stylists, to open a salon after leaving a toxic environments only to open a toxic environment.   

Are you ready to come on board?

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Here's an excellent opportunity to highlight yourself, your talents, and jumpstart your career to become a master in your craft with a team off community minded stylists focused on guest comfort as well as skillset.