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Embracing Change and Trusting the Process

With the gradual arrival of cooler temperatures, it's an opportune moment to embrace the enchanting allure of autumn by adorning yourself with a new hair color. Allow us to introduce you to the captivating realm of fall hair trends, replete with sophistication and style! Here's everything you need to know about the most timeless color trends of the season.

Tips Tips Tips:

  1. Going Dark Transformation: Have a conversation with youself about this huge and stunning transformation. Transitioning from years of highlighting to a darker or natural hue is more than just a change of color—it's a whole vibe shift! You might experience temporary texture challenges as "going back to natural" does not erase years of highlighting damage. Be sure to moisturize and use quality products like ON A CLOUD to keep things healthy during the process. While it might feel like you're signing a lifelong contract, using a semi-permanent dye can be like hair-color dating—no strings attached!  Prep your scalp with a good scrub and a weeks worth of protein treatments, and don't skimp on products that bring back the shine your darker locks may initially lack. And hey, if you find yourself doing double takes in the mirror, embrace it! Adjusting to your new look is all part of the journey to living your best life.

  2. The RED Letter: So you're eyeing scarlet or copper tones for your next hair adventure? Hot choice! 🔥 But before you dive in, know that these sizzling shades can be high-maintenance divas. Reds and coppers are infamous for fading fast, so arm yourself with a color-protecting shampoo like BLEU Primary Color Care to keep that hue vibrant. Regular touch-ups are a must, so prep for some quality salon time or buy time with a take home color kit. Also, a color consult can help ensure the shade complements your skin tone, and the appropriate steps are taken for brunettes going lighter or blondes going richer.... Let's avoid any unwanted booking issues with an appropriate consultation concerning budgeting for your time, maintenance, and wallet. And heads up—red dye loves to stain, so opt for darker or older linens during those first few washes. Last but not least, get ready for an emotional journey; these shades are game-changers in the mirror and can take some getting used to. But hey, change is good, especially when it looks this fab!

  3. Lowlights and Shadow Roots: As the leaves start to fall, it's time for your hair to rise to the occasion. Ever thought about adding a shadow root and a low light for the autumn season? Here's why you should. A shadow root adds depth and dimension, making your blonde hues pop like that PSL you can't resist. A natural change in the availability of sunlight lends the idea that your hair would naturally transition too. A strategically-placed low light, on the other hand, brings in that richness and warmth we all crave when the temps drop.  And let's talk tradition: Going darker for fall is as timeless as apple pie and football. It mirrors nature's cues and lets you play up cozy, layered looks with an added touch of sophistication. Plus, a darker tone tends to be easier on your strands, making it the ultimate seasonal self-care. Let's push your appointments out a little so you can embrace the seasonal time with family and friends. So why not match your mane to the moment? After all, you're no basic blonde—you're a seasonal sensation!

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